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How To Get A Good Deal On Replacement Windows

 How To Get A Good Deal On Replacement Windows
Getting a good deal on replacement windows today is not an easy task, however with a little work it is very possible to save yourself thousands of dollars on your next project. Much of the window and door industry today is run much like the mattress or used car business. The companies want to give you a big presentation on why you should pay more for their windows without giving you an opportunity to shop around. This is why many companies attempt to get all decisions makers at home when they come to give their estimate. Sure they will give you a "free" estimate, but they don't want to leave your house until you sign on the dotted line. All kinds of sales tatics are used: senior citizen discount, 20% off, Spring Special, $200 rebate for each old window, etc. Yeah, that's right, money for an old window!? Like what are they going to do with the old window; what value is that to them? All gimmicks! Remember, don't get caught up in what type of discount you are getting, just be concerned about your bottom line. What is the total cost of the contract?
To get the best pricing on your window/door project it is best to get the companies competing for your business so get at least 3 estimates and let each company know you are getting other estimates before they come out. One of the fastest, easiest ways to get several competing estimates is to Request a Free Window or Door Estimate online. Complete the simple form and a couple companies will contact you for a free estimate, all competing for your business. Since the company has signed up with this "referral" service they already know they will have competition. Most of the "referral" companies have already pre-screened most of the companies contacting you so you dont have to do the homework.
Once you have several estimates you will now need to "compare apples to apples". Different window companies offer different manufacturers so you will need to brush up a little on the window company or door company who is manufacturing the product. Maybe you don't need the best window in town as long as the manufacturer is reliable and you get a manufacturer's warranty. Word to the wise: it is not always best to go with a manufacturer who is selling and installing their own windows. These are usually the smaller companies who have a better chance of going under and leaving you with a warranty from a bankrupt company. Once you have compared brands, you will also need to make sure you completely understand everthing that is included in your installation. If it is not spelled out then more than likely it is NOT included. Make sure the contract states things such as the following, but not limited to, that are included in your window installation:
  • Windows described herin with all options & installation
  • Disposal of old window
  • Caulking
  • Capping (wrapping) of exterior trim
  • Delivery
  • Taxes
 Now that you have compared your contracts, start by going with the company you feel most comfortable with, has a good product and a reasonable price to begin with. Say you have (2) estimates between $5,000 - $7,000. and (1) for $15,000. Get rid of the $15,000. estimate, they are just trying to make a killing off of you and pay for the salespersons trip to The Bahamas. From the "reasonable" estimates choose the one you feel most comfortable with and if their price is higher than the lowest just let them know what it will take to get your business. It never hurts to negotiate if that's what it takes to get what you want, but be upfront and willing to share the other estimate with this company. Once they can actually see in writing that someone is willing to sell the same prodcut and services for less, they are more willing to lower their price.
Not always will you get the company and the price you are looking for by following these steps, but you will avoid being taken advantage of. Good Luck with your project.
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